May 17, 2021

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Do I Need a Lawyer if I Wasn’t Hurt In a Car Wreck?

Young woman in the damaged car after a car accident, making a phone call.

Young woman in the damaged car after a car accident, making a phone call.

When you are involved in an automobile accident, you may not know the first step to take or how to even assess your situation. Car accidents can be terrifying and have the potential to harm you exponentially. However, some auto accidents do not result in any injuries and do not require a personal injury lawyer. How do you know for sure if you actually are in need of a lawyer for your case? 

Read on for more information on how to determine if you are in need of an attorney, especially if you were not injured in your car wreck. 

In most cases where you are in a car accident and you are not harmed, you do not need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are used for cases that involve injuries and compensation in direct correlation with those injuries. Though it is best to proceed on a case by case basis. If you are unsure, you can always contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. They will be able to explore your options and determine if you are in need of their services and aid. 

A local, trusted personal injury lawyer should be hired if you suffered permanent or serious injuries, have broken bones, required hospitalization, suffered a loss of a loved one in the automobile accident, or someone in your vehicle was injured in your vehicle. After your accident, you may need legal representation if the police report does not present an accurate account of the events transpired, the fault is disputable, your medical costs are more than a couple thousand dollars, and if you are unsure of your rights. 

Another reason you may consider retaining a lawyer is because your insurance is giving you the runaround. If your insurance is saying you did not pay your premium, or if it is sending you confusing paperwork or if you are not clear about your policy, be sure to call a lawyer so they can assist you in dealing with your insurance company. As previously stated, each claim should be assessed on a case by case basis. 

If you were not injured in your automobile accident or had minor injuries, you more than likely do not need a personal injury lawyer. If you call a car wreck lawyer, most will tell you that you are not in need of their services. If your vehicle suffered damage, but you are fine, you can more than likely just work with your insurance company directly to get your car fixed. If your injuries are minor, you may still be able to receive compensation if you were not the cause of the car accident but you more than likely can handle this yourself as well. A lawyer’s expertise will not help you out much in these situations and the lawyer’s fee might make any added value disappear.

The bottom line is that there is little to no benefit to hiring a lawyer if you were not injured. If you or someone you know were involved in a car accident and need aid in assessing your situation, be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer today. Having a personal injury lawyer involved in your car wreck case can maximize your compensation. Let The N. Craig Richardson legal team help you build your case and maximize your compensation. The N. Craig Richardson legal team is always ready to fight for you and to help ensure that justice is served. If you or anyone you know have recently been in an automobile accident please visit or call (337) 433-0234 for more information on how to develop a comprehensive legal case.