Family Lawyers

Family law

Family Lawyers

Family law is a specialized area of the criminal law, which mainly deals with domestic relations and family related matters. It has been created to offer assistance to people in need who are separated by marriage or relationship and are unable to cope up with their issues. The primary function of a family law attorney is to provide legal guidance and help to individuals and families who are going through difficult times. He presents his arguments to the court on behalf of his clients, so that he may be able to get his deserved settlement.

Currently there are many issues which are being considered under family law such as divorce, making a living will, adoption, annulment, child abuse and neglect, property settlement, division of the belongings, division of inheritance and so on. When it comes to making a living will, the attorney makes a will that legally allows both the adults involved to decide as to what shall be the future living conditions of their family. For the purpose of child abuse, an attorney is also called upon to defend the victim and bring his victim back to live. For custody, the attorney representing one of the parents must prove that the other parent is not unfit for raising the child. If the judge agrees with the opinion of the attorney then the court makes a custody decision.

Divorce is a legal practice area, which is prevalent in the family law courts. The procedure required for the division of property, liabilities and other issues pertaining to a divorce is governed by family law. There are certain formalities and procedures which have to be followed by both the parties involved in the divorce. A petition for divorce is presented to the court of law together with the financial statement, the assets and liabilities of each party to the court. The court grants a divorce if it is convinced that the wife or the husband is not competent to stand his or her own in the court of law.

Paternity is an important issue of family law which is applicable to the child custody case. Paternity refers to the mother’s right to claim the paternity of a child. Paternity can be established either through blood or through DNA tests. If the DNA test results show that the father of a particular child is not the true father then he or she has the right to claim the paternity of that child. Paternity is one of the most controversial issues in family law.

A criminal law attorney deals with all criminal cases which involve some aspect of punishment like imprisonment, jail terms, rehabilitation, probation, immunity, and fines. A criminal lawyer also represents people who have undergone criminal proceedings under the supervision of state police or the federal law. Criminal cases involve various elements such as state jurisdiction, crime, state law, victim’s rights, and the role of prosecutors and judges. Family law includes various categories of criminal cases apart from criminal law. These include juvenile, property, trusts, and adult family cases.

Family attorneys handle many other types of cases as well and they are popularly known as family lawyers. Attorneys have to put in long hours of work in family law practice as they have to meet a lot of clients who have diverse needs. These family attorneys also have to follow the court rules and regulations while giving legal advice to their clients. They also assist their clients in providing necessary documents and information so that they can fight successfully the cases in the courts.