The Benefits Of A Family Law Practice

Family law is a specialized area of the legal system that deals specifically with domestic family matters and family relationships. It is very common to find law offices that have special sections for this purpose. In some states, a family lawyer is known as an attorney who works specifically with conjugal or domestic matters. In other states, family lawyers are known as social workers who handle issues related to the day-to-day living conditions of their clients. Family law attorneys deal with all aspects of family life, such as adoption, marriage and divorce, separation, property ownership, spousal abuse and child custody.

Family law

When two adults are getting married or divorced, one or both of them may claim legal rights to the other as the result of parental rights or child custody. In some cases, one party may be trying to claim more than the other under the claim of parental rights. For example, in a case involving child custody, where both parents have parental rights, the court may decide that one parent should be given sole custody, and the other should be given visitation rights. If the parents disagree on the best way to divide up the time between them, they can go to court and request a hearing to determine which parent is more fit to have primary physical care. The court will listen to testimony from witnesses and then make its decision based on what it sees is fair.

The courts also deal with domestic abuse or violence. If there is evidence of spousal abuse or child abuse, it is important to have a competent attorney on your side. These types of cases often end in divorce, because the individuals cannot stand to see the abuse depicted in the reports. The court process can be long, especially in the state of Texas, so having a good lawyer on your side can mean the difference between having a marriage annulled and keeping your family together. In the state of Texas, a person does not have to prove actual physical abuse before a judge decides that a person is at fault for a divorce. A simple incident of domestic abuse can be enough to have a judge file papers to have a marriage dissolved.

Substance abuse can have an effect on a parent’s ability to function properly as a parent. Many times, the alcohol or substance abuse leads to other problems that are harder to work through. Drug or alcohol abuse can cause impotence, decreased functioning, and loss of memory. A divorce involving substance abuse can also lead to criminal charges against the husband or wife. Some examples include criminal charges stemming from drunken driving, domestic assault, possession of drugs, or dealing drugs to a minor.

Divorce is rarely a happy event for any couple. Sometimes arguments are right along side of marital vows, and sometimes they are on opposite sides of the fence. No matter how you feel about your relationship, it is always important to have a good attorney on your side. It is the best way to make sure that your rights are protected during your divorce proceedings. A good family law lawyer will make sure that both parties are treated fairly during any disputes, and that any agreements made are upheld by the courts.

A good divorce attorney will represent you in court and work with the other party to come to reasonable agreements that both parties can agree upon. You should be able to come to an agreement that is fair and keeps both of you happy. Your family law practice can handle all sorts of legal matters. If you are having issues relating to your relationship with your spouse, a family law practice can help you deal with those situations.