What Kind of Cases Can a Family Law Attorney Handles?

Family law is a specialized area of the criminal law that specifically deals with domestic related matters and family related issues. It involves all family related issues such as marital disputes, adoption, alimony, child custody and visitation rights. Family law also refers to matters that are not criminal in nature but which are assumed to be criminal under the influence. For example, if a person is arrested for driving under the influence then it will be handled by a family law attorney.

Family law

When people get married they often get emotionally attached to each other and their family members. In order to protect all their rights, the couple must hire a family law attorney. A divorce is another issue that involves a lot of legal issues so it is advised that when getting married, there should be a written contract that details all the financial responsibilities and obligations of both parties involved. This contract is called a divorce agreement. The contract contains the monetary amounts, the names of the parties, the duration of the marriage and other issues of importance to both parties.

A divorce is not something that happens overnight and is based on individual circumstances. If a married couple has issues with the other such as abuse, financial difficulties or anything that goes against their marriage, they can go to court and request a divorce. There are many reasons why a person would want to get a divorce, and they can go to court based on whatever reasoning they believe makes sense for them. The court can grant either party custody of their children, however if one spouse is deemed “unfit” to have children, then the court can grant the other spouse custody of their children. They can also choose which guardian or parents they will live with.

Attorneys are licensed by the state to practice family law, and are considered to be experts in the field. Many of these lawyers have worked with both sides of the divorce case and understand the legal issues involved. Attorneys do not have to have only expertise in divorce law; many also practice personal injury law, malpractice law, etc. Lawyers can take on many different clients due to their flexibility with time and work. Some of the other types of cases handled by family law attorneys include adoption, annulment, prenuptial agreement, juvenile delinquency, and even criminal law.

Typically, an attorney will begin working on a contingency fee basis, meaning that he or she receives no money unless the outcome of the case is favorable. Financially, this arrangement allows the divorcing parties to split the costs evenly. In the vast majority of cases, the outcome of a divorce case does not have any long-term ramifications, therefore, the divorce process can drag on for years. It is important to note that if there are children involved in the divorce proceedings, family law attorneys often suggest to couples that they seek out the services of an attorney to avoid the cost of a lawyer. In some instances, family law attorneys even offer free consultations so couples may assess their options regarding child custody and alimony, if applicable.

Many family law firms offer their services in both civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, family law attorneys represent individuals or businesses who have been accused of crimes such as adultery, sexual assault, child abuse, battery, fraud, theft, residential burglary, etc. In criminal cases, family law attorneys represent clients who have been accused of crimes ranging from murder to drunk driving.